Investors' hopes that the largest US banks can significantly increase the dividends paid in 2015 will probably not be justified. The events of recent weeks, including the collapse in oil prices may hinder financial institutions in paying larger amounts, writes Reuters.

Big banks already hold more capital than under Regulators will need to have at the end of 2018 with the publication of their results for the fourth quarter of 2014 did investors can learn that financial institutions have become even more in recent svrahkapitalizirani three months, the agency notes.

Riskier assets

Hopes that some of this capital will break through to the shareholders, however, unlikely to be fulfilled. Expected losses from non-performing loans increased, especially in the energy sector and capital markets become more volatile, which makes bank assets more risky.

Energy companies generate increasingly large part of the losses on corporate loans in various banks, while fallen by over 50% oil prices in recent months, investors are worried about the increase in bankruptcies in the sector in the coming year. "Someone will bear the impact of the fact that oil prices are currently 47 dollars per barrel. It is difficult to say who," he said last week told Reuters Ryan Nash, a bank analyst at Goldman Sachs Group.

On the other hand, regulators are also less willing to approve large increases in dividends or redemptions when the assets are more risky, analysts say.